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When I meditate, if I notice that I'm distracted then I return to the breath. It's not really "bad" to get distracted, so no need to be harsh. With love, I return to the breath. During daily life it's the same, if I get distracted, then I return to what I was doing. Anyway, if it is becoming a habit so strong that it's interfering with your life, maybe you ...


Skill at anapanasati means being able to read & work with awareness of breathing. Here, the tempo or pace of reading & work adjusts to conform with the rhythm of the breathing.


You should practice Vipassana walking meditation instead of Samatha meditation.


Lust - it can be overcome. Is this your question or are you asking if you 'should' be celibate? What you should do is wake up! So if what you are doing is not working yes try doing it's opposite. How to overcome it? Specific to the individual. An avg male sentient being should probably do charnal ground knowledge until they see only skeletons when a person ...


I think this is being overthunk [sic] lol 'the one who knows' is the one who already woke up but remains on Earth the one who can train the mind. Why does mind training (lojong) exist? Because sometimes we have to remain on Earth to help others after initial enlightenment or a taste of enlightenment (or whenever u get first path I think). So Dharma has ...

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