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Be patient with yourself, the energy is essentially how you feel the body from within. Initially when your body feels stiff, i.e also energy but blocked. Slowly, the energies you feel would be subtle. Try listening to the talks titled Breath, on, he explains it quite deeply there.


I've practiced breath meditation in a way similar to how Ven. Thanissaro teaches for decades. What he and his teacher Ajahn Lee call breath energy, in the Buddha's sutta terminology, corresponds mostly with wind property (see MN 62 for breath meditation and 4 elements) but also breath energy would overlap with the ...


first u use for example the tactile sensation of the breath passing on the upper lip as the object of single-pointed fixation. with good instructions and surrounding circumstances it will take about 6months to reach perfect concentration. based on this all sensory appearances collapse and u remain in perfect single-pointed concentration on just the mind ie....

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