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Here are a few web resources that you may find useful when asking and answering questions on Buddhism Stack Exchange

Getting Started

  • How to take the triple refuge - useful for new comers who wants to learn how to take refuge in the triple gem.

  • Schools of Buddhism - a wikipedia-overview of the different schools in Buddhism.

  • How to take the 5 precepts - also aimed at new comers who wants to learn how to take the five precepts.

  • Fundamentals in Buddhism - for the new comer who wants to learn about Buddhism. In here is the basic doctrines covered, such as The Buddha, The Four Noble Truths, The Noble Eightfold Path, Kamma, 3 Characteristics etc.

  • Dhamma Lists - An excellent summary of Buddhist lists such as the 4 noble truths and others.

Buddhist Texts

Meditation and Retreats

Going Further

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