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Here are some more links to Buddhist Magazines and Journals: Tricycle Magazine | The Buddhist Review. One has to subscribe in order to read the magazine. The Tricycle Foundation is dedicated to making Buddhist teachings and practices broadly available. Tricycle soon became the leading independent journal of Buddhism in the West, where it continues to be the ...


Good householder, Buddhist practices it is taught that we should let go of attachments. Certain missguide/mis-guiding teacher and traders in Dhamma may say such, as for the Buddha and his good following disciples: No, one needs to have strong attachment to kusala (skillful), the training, the path and liberation, if wishing to escape from suffering, seeking ...


As to complement, for lay followers it is crucial to avoid wrong types of livelihood. "A lay follower should not engage in five types of business. Which five? Business in weapons, business in human beings, business in meat, business in intoxicants, and business in poison." — AN 5.177


It depends on what your goals are. If you are a practicing Buddhist who’s goal is to become enlightened, my advice is to find a profession that will bring about as little discomfort and personal conflict as possible. Work that brings anger, guilt, frustration, etc will naturally be distracting from your goal, and will make it more difficult to achieve. You ...

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