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What is the difference between Theravada "papanca" with regard to objects and Mahayana "selflessness of phenomena"?

In a previous question I asked whether the Theravada posits the selflessness of phenomena? Where the best answer I understood to essentially state that it does not. At least, it did sound like there ...
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Non-Self vs. depersonalization disorder

After quite some time of daily meditation, I feel less like having a real separate, permanent self (specific details see below, but it's a general question), which, in my opinion, could be regarded as ...
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Is the self like a rainbow and is it just as real? [closed]

No one can deny that a rainbow is as real as the term can be defined in any meaningful way. You can point to it so that others can see it and you can even photograph it. If a rainbow was a mind ...
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What is the (middle length) sutta, where Buddha exposes a monk, who has an ignorant view of non-self?

In one sutta a monk was teaching, that there's something that is behind our existence, that is permanent (opposite of non-self). Buddha asked for this explicitely, got confirmed, and corrected the ...
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