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Dukkha Nana - deep knowledge of our own suffering

In which school of Buddism is dukkha nana a recognised term? Where is dukkha nana discussed in the Pali canon? The nearest I can find to dukkha nana is klesha-mara which maybe related in some way. ...
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How many nana stages?

What is the difference between the 16 stage insight meditation vs. 10 stage insight meditation? What about 0 stages any teacher teach 0 nanas? What is the basis for "nanas" is the suttas?
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How is it that we cycle through the nanas?

The knowledges(nanas) start at realizing mind and body. After the last knowledge, the practitioner goes back to realizing mind and body again? Is that correct? What is the difference between the ...
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What is the difference between nanas and jhanas?

I often hear nanas and jhanas mentioned together as if they are different but related concepts. Is that true are they different or is nanas the exact equivalent of jhanas? Are the different terms used ...
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What is the difference between the progress of low and high intensive meditators?

What is the difference between the progress of "low intensive" meditators as opposed to "high intensive" meditators? By low intensive I mean like a meditator who has never been to a ten day ...
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Are "Saya Asadharana Nana" part of Nibbana?

Buddha's knowledge or Wisdom which cannot be achieved by his disciples comprises six kinds. They are called the Saya Asadharana Nana. Did the Buddha attain them at the same moment he attained Nibbana?...
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