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Eyes moving upwards - mild lights - sense of space - pleasure

Hello Beautiful People, I have a quick question. After years of meditating with a mixture of Mahasi and Goenka style, I would like to ask the following. Very often when I sit to mediate, it is a ...
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KMeditation- Abdominal distention

I have been trying to pratice vipassana with abdominal movements- Q I never feel the movements getting settled or a state of no movements about 5 min after starting the meditation I feel tightness in ...
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Mahasi Sayadaw / Yuttadhammo noting question

When I'm sitting, I have a lot of trouble making it through all the touching points. One issue I'm thinking that I might be having is that maybe the progression of objects is incorrect: I do rising-...
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Different meditation approaches within Theravada

I talked to a monk at a Thai Theravada based monastery recently and he told me that they primarily use breath meditation and jhana to gain awakening. And then there are other traditions, like yours, ...
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Non appearance of dhammas to note during meditation

Early in my practice (Mahasi noting), I had plenty of thoughts come up to note, as taught, but lately there is only the meditation object. Is this normal or just another impermanent​ thing that will ...
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How is it that we cycle through the nanas?

The knowledges(nanas) start at realizing mind and body. After the last knowledge, the practitioner goes back to realizing mind and body again? Is that correct? What is the difference between the ...
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