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What is meant by "those crowned with flowers by another man"? [duplicate]

In the Cunda Kammaraputta Sutta (translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu): He engages in sensual misconduct. He gets sexually involved with those who are protected by their mothers, their fathers, their ...
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Masturbation: Does it break the 3rd precept?

According to this answer, it seems like masturbation is not considered sexual misconduct or breaking the third precept. However, the whole point (in general) of keeping the precept is to make good ...
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What is the attitude toward homosexuality in Buddhism?

I am specifically interested in the attitude of Theravadan Buddhism toward homosexuality (if it has one at all.) I don't recall ever seeing any references to homosexuality in the suttas...I do recall ...
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Am I condemned for an extramarital affair?

A long time ago I had a romantic relationship with a married woman, and later I regretted. How is this seen in Buddhism?
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Trouble understanding "sensual misconduct"

Is this phrase analogous to over-indulgence in sense pleasures, or is indulgence in any sense pleasure at any level considered a form of misconduct? Thankya
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Why is lust considered as being unskillful?

Sexual lust and pornography in Buddhism is considered as being unskillful, but for me it is not clear why. If all parties involved consented to taking part in sexual acts, I don't see why they are ...
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Sex Before Marriage

I met this wonderful girl sometime back and we had a great thing going. We understood each other very well and have lived in great pleasure and happiness. Initially we started dating. after sometime ...
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Why has the "3rd precept" of the 5 precepts been interpreted as being so permissive?

It seems to me that according to one interpretation of the "3rd precept" of the 5 precepts one could even engage in various sexual acts with a vast number of prostitutes nonstop and that still wouldn'...
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Sexual misconduct, what is it

What is it? Is sex just for pleasure with your partner breaking a precept? Eg with a condom. And is being circumcised bad over personal preferences/ (hygiene,aesthetic)? is oral and anal sex bad? Is ...
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Would the Buddha have considered engaging in anal sex as breaking the 1st and/or 5th precept?

Would the Buddha have considered engaging in anal sex as breaking the 1st and/or 5th precepts? I would like to know this as I am trying to better understand the 5 precepts.
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I'm interested in precise piece-by-piece translations of the 5 precepts

I recently saw a post on this website by Andrei Volkov that discussed the term Kāmesumicchācāra, breaking it down into it's constituent parts and discussing the full meaning of the word. It led to me ...
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Can a married man have sex with a prostitute without breaking the third precept?

I tried to find the answer and looked into theses questions on the site The Third Precept and Prostitution Buddhist attitude towards prostitution and non-procreative sexual activity How is sexual ...
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Sexual deviance (zoophilia, etc)

If homosexuality is okay because it is never explicitly stated in the canonical texts, then how about zoophilia, or necrophilia? Those aren't explicitly stated in the texts too, so are those 'okay'?
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Does consensual sex break the five precepts?

Is it considered breaking the five precepts under these circumstances: Both are in a relationship, unmarried and it's purely consensual. Both are single and it's purely consensual.
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What is the real meaning of the third precept? [duplicate]

Can someone explain the third precept? Because most are translating this as "sexual misconduct"; but that it so narrow, and distorts Buddhism.
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