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Questions tagged [spiritual-materialism]

Spiritual materialism is a term coined by Chögyam Trungpa. He uses the term to describe mistakes spiritual seekers commit which turn the pursuit of spirituality into an ego building and confusion creating endeavor, based on the idea that ego development is counter to spiritual progress.

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What are the ways to be conscious in all situations?

Ways to be conscious in all situations How to do one thing at a time ?
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Developing a intense focus on materialistic things

Can we make our daily activities as a meditation practise ? I'm not asking about being aware on what we are doing. When we do samatha meditation, we focused on the breath only. I'm asking, When we do ...
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Why work on one thing at a time?

Why work on one thing at a time according to the buddhism ? Did Lord Buddha advise us to do that ? Are there any deep desires in multi-tasking ? (Like wanting to gain more in short amount of time) ...
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Spirituality is making me anhedoniac!

I only find pleasure in working on my goals and achieving something every day. Female bodies don't seem much attractive anymore but out of habit I masterbate after every 3 days just for the sake of ...
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Is it good to tell awakening stories?

My question to all my dear friend is why people use to share there stories of awakening ? will it affect the mind of others those who are meditating to find the inner peace.
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is buddhism outside the idealism and materialism?

is buddhism is not certainly the idealism or materialisn?Buddhism philosophy is about the consequence mechanism about five elements* and those elements aren't viewed as the material,antimatter or ...
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Talking about Dharma - is it worthwhile?

Discussing the Dharma, as on this site -- looking for and sharing information -- is it really beneficial or could it be a waste of time or even counterproductive? Several quotes come to mind, e.g. ...
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live as if it was your last day?

So there is a lot of teaching out there focuses on meditating on death. A lot of it talks about living life as if it was your last day, week, month... in that this way, you don't take life for granted ...
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How would I know if I was suffering from spiritual materialism?

How would I know if I was suffering from spiritual materialism as detailed in Chögyam Trungpa's book Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism? Would there be signs that I could recognise in myself and if ...
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