Reading through Sekida's translation of The Blue Cliff Record I keep coming across mentions of both absolute and positive Samadhi, and I'm interested in hearing some clearer definitions of these two terms.

My interpretation of them is that:

  • when we're in absolute samadhi we recognize the unity of reality but we haven't attained a state of pro-activity yet. Reality seems unchangeable

  • positive samadhi is when our meditative state becomes intrinsically tied with our everyday behavior, we embody the meditative state in everything we do, and take an active role in the world

Does this sound correct?


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My understanding is,

Absolute means, level of concentration is max(for typical people),

positive means, the focus object / thought is a positive thought / object.

I mean even absolute samadhi wouldn't have any value if it wasn't positive.

And positive samadhi wouldn't have value if it wasn't absolute.

The values of samadhi rises when both reach high.

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