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A question about astrology and astronomy

my question is astronomical observations and results thereof when applied to humans largely differ from astrological influencing. What Buddhists unlike other religious groups should do to solve the ...
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Why is Buddhism popular in Eastern Asia compared to South Asia where it originated? [duplicate]

Buddhism originated in India but from what I understand it's not very big in India and instead more popular in Eastern Asia in countries like Japan, Vietnam, China etc.
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How can the details of the mappō age be discussed skillfully?

Mappō (a.k.a mòfǎ, mạt pháp) is a term used by the majority of Mahayana Buddhism branches in East and Southeast Asia. It was mentioned in the Mahayana Mahaparinirvaṇa Sutra, signalling the declination ...
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Buddhism in context, differences through SE Asia? [closed]

What are some specific cultural aspects of different countries in SE Asia that are integrated into Buddhism, but that might not actually be consider purely Buddhism? In other words, comparatively, ...
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Buddhist practice in Singapore

Which are the major sects of Buddhism in Singapore? Which are these sects' main temples in Singapore?
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Is there a scientific book summarizing the orthodox buddhism, the most ancient form of it?

I found many personal book about Buddhism; witnessing; life story; spiritual encounter, experiences, meditation. I never found however a book that explain and summarize the classical Buddhism : a ...
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How does one do an "eye opening" for a new statue?

What the actual words or at least the structure of of the ceremony/ritual? I'm particularly interested from the Mahayana East Asian standpoint (Chinese/Korean/Vietnamese/Japanese) However, I don't ...
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