I'm wondering basically whether anapanasati can result in as much compassion as metta. Though the focus is different, can these two meditations have the same potential for altruism? Does meditating on the breath produce as much compassion?

Basically, I wonder if -- in order to become altruistic and compassionate -- one has to focus on compassion as a subject, or if that is not necessary.

Thank you


Anapanasati, when practised properly, arises from compassion towards onself.

Therefore, when Anapanasati is fulfilled, the defilements end, peace occurs & the original compassion towards oneself remains; which then manifests outwardly in one's natural state of being.

To practise the Dhamma and Anapanasati successfully requires a great act love towards oneself.

This love will remain when the task is completed.

However, Anapanasati cannot be practised & fulfilled if we continue to engage in behaviours (kamma) that defile, enslave & weaken our self and others.

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