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What is karma vipaka and its contents?

What are the results of various sins done. I heard that it has various kinds of results we get for sins done.
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How can Buddhism help with bad habits?

I have been suffering with addictions. Addictions are complex. Both that I suffer from are in abatement. I am in recovery as they say. I am getting medical support. Besides the addiction I have bad ...
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Confession in Buddhism

Growing up in the Roman Catholic tradition, we were encouraged to go to confession (penance) on a regular basis for reconciliation and to be absolved of sins. In Buddhism, the only mention of ...
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How do you repent in Chinese Buddhism?

Repentence is often mentioned in Mahayana texts. Outside of my knowledge of the meaning of the English word, which is colored by Christian concerns, I'm not sure what's involved. What is done during ...
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