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Was there a period when "Consensus Buddhism"/"Buddhist Romanticism" dominated Buddhism in the West?

Consensus Buddhism is a term invented by David Chapman. To me it seems to be another name for what Thanissaro Bhikkhu calls Buddhist Romanticism. Here are some characteristics of the supposed ...
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How to reconcile Buddhist Cosmology with modern worldview, especially astronomy? [closed]

Buddhist scripture describes other worlds (i.e. "The Thirty-one Planes of Existence"), with various kinds of beings who may interact with our human world in varying degrees. Do Buddhists ...
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Is The Kālāma Sutta Really Libertarian?

The Kālāma Sutta is often cited with approval by Modernist Buddhists as affirming a Libertarian ideology in which one need not take cognisance of anyone else's opinions or group norms, but one can ...
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