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💚What are the things that prompt people to follow the Dharma?

For me, it seems I remembered some Dharma proselytizing or something like that. Someone was talking about the Dharma way back, maybe even in the 80's as if it was the way normal people talked about ...
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Can mind be free from becoming?

Can mind be free from becoming (Suffering) ? I should be and I should that. I am thin and I want to be a body builder. I am this and I want to that. Can mind free from becoming?
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Having difficulty logically understanding how clinging leads to becoming

I am having difficultly logically understanding how clinging leads to becoming. Can anyone elaborate on this link of dependent orgination?
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What are the differences between the three types of becoming?

When reading through the Maha Nidana sutta I came across the three types of becoming: Sensual becoming, form becoming, and formless becoming. I am trying to understand what the different forms of ...
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