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Bhavanga (Pali, "ground of becoming") is the most fundamental aspect of mind in Theravada Buddhism. It is an exclusively Theravada doctrine that differs from Sarvastivadin and Sautrantika theories of mind, and has been compared to the Mahayana concept of store-consciousness

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What are the differences between the three types of becoming?

When reading through the Maha Nidana sutta I came across the three types of becoming: Sensual becoming, form becoming, and formless becoming. I am trying to understand what the different forms of ...
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Can bhavanga-consciousness be compared to the non-dual mind-state rigpa?

While reading Pa Auk Sayadaw I came across the following: The bhavanga-consciousness is bright and luminous, and looks like a mirror in the heart: that is the mind-door. This seems to have ...
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What are the positions of the different schools on a primordial mind?

Different Buddhist traditions have some mention of an original, primordial mind of some sort. If there is one, what are its attributes.
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