The Wikipedia entry on the 5th council says:

However, there were a number of other councils held in Ceylon and Thailand between the fourth and sixth ...

What are these other councils? Where where they held? What was their significance?

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What are these other councils? Where were they held? What was their significance?

I am going to try to answer this to the best of my abilities.

I do not know the specifics of where they were held, but I do know what they are & their significance.

All the Buddhist councils are meant to preserve the Dhamma the Buddha formulated & to discuss the Tipitaka & its interpretations.

Buddhist councils have not consisted of all schools unified, although in some cases they have been.

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Councils are only held after some schism between the schools. Bah.

Politics is a Mara to arouse emotion; stick to all the precepts oneself... do not worry about; Titles, Recognition and other such nonsense.

Emotion is human delusion... Born out of: The feeling and sensation skandhas. There is only pain or not pain; same as pranayama breath; Only you know if the breath is a long pain or a short pain, not a long pain or not a short pain.

Move from such pranayama and it becomes the breath of; The Prajna Paramita: One of peace and wisdom.

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Here is a descriptions of some of the councils and their significance http://en.citizendium.org/wiki/Buddhist_councils


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