I like the walking meditation more than doing sitting Zazen. I want to ask if satori is possible while walking?

  • You can attain satori while sweeping the floor. But sounds like you need to study more?
    – Andriy Volkov
    Sep 6, 2019 at 23:40

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I like walking meditation more than doing sitting Zazen.

The concept of egotistic self or 'I' is inseparable to doership. 'Satori' is in the understanding of non-action without understander. 'Satori' is a deep intuitive understanding of egolessness of your being devoid of any egotistic identity. Out of egolessness arrives non-action, then walking would happen without the central 'I'. Then there won't remain 'I' what to talk about its likes or dislikes?

Huineng said,

Bodhi is no tree,
nor is the mind a standing mirror bright.
Since all is originally empty,
where does the dust alight?

Explanation: Huineng pointed out that to see the mind as a "thing" to be kept pure by constantly "sweeping away" defilements is to miss the elemental truth that mind is in itself buddha (awakened, enlightened), and is therefore inherently pure.


Yes. But the walking must be done with 'empty mind' so consciousness illuminates.

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