What is the Pali or Sanskrit term for a breach of a precept? I have checked http://dictionary.tamilcube.com/pali-dictionary.aspx and found breach of morality defined as sīlabheda . Is there a broader or more inclusive term?


sīlabheda is not a common used term, I don't think. More common is sīlavipatti - transgression of morality. Another is vītikkama - transgression.

tattha katamā sīlavipatti? yo kāyiko vītikkamo, vācasiko vītikkamo , kāyikavācasiko vītikkamo -- ayaṃ vuccati sīlavipatti. sabbampi dussilyaṃ sīlavipatti. (dhammasaṅgaṇī, nikkhepakaṇḍaṃ, suttantikadukanikkhepaṃ)

The common Pali term for an offence against the rules of the vinaya is āpatti. Another common, related word is dussīla, a person with bad moral character.

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