Can anyone please explain these aphorism / these aphorisms?

Thank you in advance.

  • What is here to explain? Impermanence is Buddha-nature; Buddha-nature is impermanence! ;)
    – Andrei Volkov
    Jan 25 '15 at 16:17

I don't know, so the following is a complete guess, and I hope someone will give a better answer.

Apparently the aphorism come from Dōgen.

Dōgen has a perhaps-non-standard view of Buddha-nature, which he calls Busshō.

My guesses are:

  • If according to Dōgen everything (real) is Buddha-nature then (because everything real is impermanent), therefore everything (i.e. Buddha-nature) is impermanent. So for example any description of Buddha-nature and anyone describing Buddha-nature and anything to which the term Buddha-nature could be applied is impermanent.

  • As for the converse (i.e. impermanence is Buddha-nature), is that related to the third noble truth, or to rise and fall?

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