Greetings Stackexchangers.
Started off with Hatha yoga, circa 1964, discovered Theravada chatting to strangers in a pub and found way to first teacher Kapilavadho 1970, Dhammapadipa, English Sangha Trust, Hampstead, London, UK. Knowing nothing about it at all, even pronounced it wrong. But got off to an excellent start, standing in good stead ever since. Spent 10 years in the Achaan Cha lineage '77 to '89. Next 14 years carried on alone, with mixed results. Finally, 2003, deciding to go to Luang Ta Maha Boowa, Wat Pa Baan Taad, Issan, NE Thailand, before it was too late, LuangTa was 90 and Luang Pow Punya was 80: I was 60.

Having completed ten years here, am contemplating a return to UK. Have no idea what I'll find there, but your Sangha will make an enormous difference. Sharing Dhamma with good friends is the whole of the holy life, it's the only way to continue developing clarity. Am enormously impressed with the quality of these posts.

Being dyslexic and thus not very scholastic, hope to benefit from developing familiarity with the usage of scriptural terminology in its various contexts.

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