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Three Very interesting facts about me :

  • I Sleep 8-10 hours a day
  • I drink water
  • I rub my hands to keep it warm

From now on, I will try to leave comments on bad posts instead of downvoting them unless the post is unsalvageable

About me:

I Just started using StackOverflow a few months ago, I got quite a lot of advantages from using this site and i'm looking forward to get more and more from this site as i participate more

And i'm also looking forward to contribute, learn to do more moderation and participate in SO (or even other SE sites) as much as possible :D even though lately i'm starting to get busy in school as it is taking more and more of my time, resulting me not being able to code that much anymore

Oh yeah btw my profile pic is just a random JS logo i got from the internet cuz i don't really have any ideas for profile pictures xD

If you are still reading this, Have a great day

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