my name is Carolin Zöbelein.

Human rights, the right to knowledge, education and the freedom of speech are important values of the human society. They support new kinds of thinking which help to bring the mankind more forward in their place on our planet.

But this rights are not so naturally in certain countries, like it should be. Countries censor sources of information, like the internet which has became the most important source for knowledge and freedom of speech.

I'm an independent mathematical scientist (Research Scientist). I work on topics around IT-security, decentralized networks, online privacy & anonymity and censorship circumvention.

I had the luck to be born in a country in which this rights are respected, with free education and open knowledge for everybody, with freedom of speech and without censorship.

Thankful for the possibilities I had, to be able to go to school, attending university and get an high education, I see a responsibility for using my skills and knowledge, to help people who don't have this luck.

So, I started to work on an independent base, on anti-censorship and online privacy & anonymity topics, to help people to get their right to knowledge and freedom of speech.

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