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I organize & teach meditation groups in the Palm Beach County area of Florida. I practice primarily Insight Meditation, and have been on many intensive retreats around the world. Some of my teachers include Ven. Sayadaw Thuzana, Ven. Sayadaw Vivekananda, Ven. Sayalay Daw Bhaddamanika, Acharin Wijenayake, Ven. Pasura Dhantamano, & Ven. Paramai Dhanissaro (LP John). I love to share meditation and Dhamma with any who are curious, and seek to help others reap the same benefits that I have gained from the practice. I have been encouraged by my teachers to lead meditation groups, and teach with the aim of helping others to come to stillness, and to truly know the Impermanent, Unsatisfying, & Non-Self nature of all experiences.

I started my meditation journey with the Art of Living (Hindu Mantra style), and then with the Dhammakaya Temple (Thai Simplified Yogavacara style), and finally learned Vipassana in Sri Lanka, Nepal, & the USA (Mahasi Style mostly). Having attained deep levels of practice within these traditions, with stability, and having an intensive daily practice, I can offer some practical tips & advice to others on the path.

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