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How can I forget my old girlfriend?
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This is a great question. According to Buddhism, suffering comes from our attachment to things whose nature is actually impermanence. Our goal as Buddhists is to understand the true nature of ...

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Everything I do is motivated by greed/aversion. How to react?
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"The question is how should I replace these bad motivations by more skillful ones ?" Excellent question. You can replace harmful neurotic emotions such as greed, anger, and jealousy, through ...

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Concept of "gods" in Vajrayana Buddhism
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From Vajrayana view, all phenomena is seen as empty, but with the power to manifest countless Buddha perhaps one could say Mahayana is a bit more focused on saying phenomena is empty.....

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Expaining The Holocaust & karma to a non-Buddhist
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Here is an explanation. The Christian church has, in addition to the peaceful teachings of Jesus, also preached hatred, jealousy, and rage throughout its existence. In particular, rather than ...

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