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After teaching mathematics at Bakersfield College for 30 years, I'm now a grad student once again at UCSC, working on a PhD in computer science. My interests have been in dynamical systems (especially discrete), cellular automata, and genetic algorithms - at least until I discovered MOOCs. I've completed over 30 MOOCs, in machine learning, data science, and other computer science courses, completed Coursera's Data Science Specialization (all but the final project), their Deep Learning specialization, and (almost) their Algorithms specialization, and recently completed Georgia Tech's OMSCS program with a focus in machine learning. My current favorite languages are Python and R.

My PhD will be focused on machine learning, especially deep learning. I hope to apply mathematical models of consciousness to deep learning.

Some of my other interests include Zen, jazz drumming, abstract art (and mathematics as art), cognitive science, the game of go, simulism, the nature of consciousness, life, the universe, and everything.

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