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What is the role of karma in the wheel of becoming?

On traditional bhava-chakra images, the center of the wheel shows pig, snake, and peacock - these are the three intoxicants of Want, Hate, and Confusion (really, Reification). In the next outer layer ...
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What happen before the Devil King of the Sixth Heaven create Samsara?

This is an understandable confusion of 2 mythical concepts: [Samsara] is the wheel of rebirth, divided into 6 realms: Niraya (hell) Preta (hungry ghosts) Tiryak (animals ) Manushya (humans) Asura (...
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Explain this Theravada Wheel of Life?

The third ring appears to be stating: (a) the five aggregates are 'passive' or 'neutral' (per the Khandha Sutta, which describes neutral/mere/pure aggregates versus defiled aggregates subjected to ...
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Explain this Theravada Wheel of Life?

It's not to be looked at ring by ring but slice by slice so that the components in the inner rings can be combined with those in the outer to complete the picture. According to the Pali exegetical ...
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Explain this Theravada Wheel of Life?

Craving, attachment in the present lead to becoming and fabrication due to ignorance. Ignorance is included and if it is not present there is no craving and clinging to feelings hence no fabrication. ...
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