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If 1000 novices ordain at age 7, how many will turn out gay and what happens to them? Obviously some of that sample will probably turn out to be gay and nothing special will happen but they will face different challenges, trials and tribulations. There is a sutta about Vakkali, he was fond of the Buddha so much that he had to be sent away. The texts do not ...


When you tread the path according to the Dhamma, whatever that you come across in life, you must assess the object for cause and effect (hetu-pala dhamma) and understand whether there is harm to self, others and to the nature before taking any action (be it mental, physical or verbal). If one assesses the matter at hand for cause and effect (hetu-pala dhamma)...


I remember reading a sutta regarding Buddha told Bhikkus to be mindful of King's will (law of the land) .. this event was from when king Pasenthikosola (if I remember correctly) wished to move planting season in his kingdom (sooner or later, I don't remember), Buddha then instructed Bhikkus to observe rainy retreat accordingly. This is a quick answer as to ...


It's not a matter of how long, since you can't know for certain anyway. If you perceive it to be abandon, then you can go ahead and use it as deem fit.

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