That quote has absolutely no founding in reality. You could plumb the psychological depths of the alayavijnana in Tibetan Buddhism or Rinzai Zen, paint masterful works in Soto, compose gathas in the Theravadan, or do absolutely none of those things in any of those traditions. A good teacher is worth more than the lineage he or she teaches.


Dhamma-Vinaya, the Buddhas path, is for those seeking release from suffering, and of course, has less to do with the mentioned householder trends.


To quote the eminent Rev. Lovejoy - "Santa doesn't leave presents under the Bodhi Tree!" ;-) https://www.getyarn.io/yarn-clip/1dfa24e6-d8cf-48c2-9f6d-2f5eaef9209e Of course it's acceptable! If Buddha isn't merriment, then what good is it?


During the 19th and 20th centuries, various Burmese monks (such Ledi Sayadaw, Webu Sayadaw. Mahasi Sayadaw, etc) and disciple laypersons (such as Sayagyi U Ba Khin, S. N. Goenka, Anagarika Munindra, etc) developed &/or taught various idiosyncratic meditation techniques, which the Thai monk Buddhadasa described as follows: Organized systems of insight ...


People believe that something is true, that it is not true, or that it maybe is and maybe isn't true. There are major factions like this. These are split as to which texts they assume to be true and worth studying. To understand the various sections of thravada one has to look into how commentary & culture has been developing since the beginning and how ...


#2 I think you will more often than not run into issues over the long term if you live with people who train differently. The Mahasi system complete with 16 stages of insight and the path-insight & fruition-insight modes of development, that is going to be viewed skeptically and likely wrong training by most TFT. If you really want to be a Mahasi system ...


Good householder, Sadhu, at first, for general desire in going forth. Good to let go of consumer-behaviour at first place and approach ordination like a backpacker a new journey idea, or a worker his next holiday... good householder. One who closes the doors behind, at his home, with right adpiration, will be opened the gates by the Devas along his way for ...


In DN 2 quoted below, the Buddha denounced practices like astrology, palmistry, divination, face reading, omen reading, magic, dream interpretation, predicting the future and so on as wrong livelihood and "animal arts" for monks. I highlighted the relevant parts. "Whereas some contemplatives & brahmans, living off food given in faith, ...

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