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For mind-streams to merge the two must exist in a shared space or a world, like two cars in a garage. However external minds that can be grasped with wrong view to be personal for another is something conceived of internally by mind which is internal and can be grasped wrong view to be personal for one to whom it is internal & self-referable. There is no ...


things like oceans and waves are just water function given different names and concepts. this is different to actually differently functioning objects that function that way regardless of what you call them. furthermore each different thing consists of unique collections of parts and if these are removed the functioning object is destroyed so in your ...


Reality works in the way of moments of experience. One moment arises and passes away whereafter another moment arises and passes away. That process repeats itself until one is fully liberated from Samsara. The above process can be seen for oneself through insight meditation practice.


In Buddhism, the preoccupation with views of "self" is considered unskillful. Instead of "mindstreams", the Buddha gently points at skillful and unskillful behaviors, showing the path and outcome of each. Unskillful behaviors lead to suffering. However, skillful behaviors lead to the end of suffering. And in this regard of streams of ...

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