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Perhaps it's words including nirodha (cessation, disappearance, extinction) ... Now this is the noble truth of the cessation of suffering. Idaṁ kho pana, bhikkhave, dukkhanirodhaṁ ariyasaccaṁ ... and vimutti (freedom, release, deliverance) ... The ocean has just one taste, the taste of salt. Seyyathāpi, bhikkhave, mahāsamuddo ekaraso loṇaraso; In the same ...


Skill in offenses and skill in rehabilitation from offenses. Āpattikusalatā ca āpattivuṭṭhānakusalatā ca dn33 I think this is close to redemption from wrongness. As i understand it, the semantics are close to 'rising up & emerging' as a recovery from wrong-doing.

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