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Do we indulge in ignorance?

Active indulgence in ignorance is found. Ignorance takes birth because there is attachment to food, fame , money, father, mother, children, knowledge, house, clothes, internet, etc. As long as there ...
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If hypothetically we lived in a time when a Buddha were to arise, how could we acknowledge him as being perfectly enlightened?

the teaching of a perfectly enlightened being would be always in line with the three marks of existence, the four noble truths and the noble eightfold path. in other words, an arahant or a buddha ...
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Right situation for Teaching Dhamma or giving advice

I doubt if it is a small gap in their understanding that causes them not to see how they are hurting themselves and the people around them in an indirect albeit unconscious manner. I think it is for ...
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Do we indulge in ignorance?

Yes we do, and not just not knowing, but also not wanting to know. and here is why: AN4.5 - with the stream It’s a person who doesn’t take part in sensual pleasures or do bad deeds. They live the ...
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Did the Buddha ever turn away certain people from his teachings?

In SN 42.2 and SN 42.3, an actor and a warrior ask the Buddha whether their professions would lead them to heaven based on their assumption of the positive contribution of their professions. The ...
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Did the Buddha ever turn away certain people from his teachings?

Not exactly what you remember, but similar: Uposatha Sutta - One uposatha night, during the first watch, Ananda approaches the Buddha and asks him to recite the Patimokkha. Three times he asks, but ...
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Which teachings and concepts were already existing before the Buddha and which ones are introduced by the Buddha?

There were many Buddhas before Gautam Buddha and there will be a Buddha in future. Understanding of Knowledge is impermanent but knowledge expressed by Buddhas are permanent. During Buddhas period ...
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