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Relaxation vs Laziness

Kusītārambhavatthusutta best describes laziness in eight grounds, according to this sutta laziness is when you are held back from attaining the unattained, achieving the unachieved, and so on ...
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Relaxation vs Laziness

Relaxation is essential for everyone to recharge after work. It aids in maintaining and restoring our physical and mental well-being. Buddha did not advocate against relaxation. However, he ...
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what is Mahaggataṃ citam? is it related to out of body experience?

Mahaggataṁ cetovimuttiṁ is the liberation of mind via loving-kindness. It is not an out-of-body experience. The limitless (appamāṇā) release of the heart and the expansive (mahaggatā) release of the ...
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