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Existence is suffering. Cessation of existence is a realization of the truth of the cessation of suffering. “Just as, mendicants, even a tiny bit of fecal matter still stinks, so too I don’t approve of even a tiny bit of continued existence, not even as long as a finger snap.” “One perception arose and another ...


Does freedom from birth and death mean there is no freedom to experience birth and death? There's no such a thing as the "freedom" to experience birth and death. If one hasn't attained enlightenment, one'd have no choice but to experience birth and death! It's like as long as there's still oil in an oil lamp, the fire will continue to burn, or at ...


There is no birth with full awareness of the truth, and once the truth is known there is no longer a possibility of experiencing the cycle forever.


I heard that "grasping a sign" is considered a bad thing in Buddhism. Why is that so and what does that refer to? Here are some references to that phrase in answers on this site: You are talking about the process of grasping a sign(mark) at one of the sense doors, and then automatically interpreting ...

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