Your question is an interesting philosophical investigation, if you can break or crack a concept, it will bring you closer to enlightenment, at least. In fact the Gōng'àn (Jap: Koan) is doing the same thing but in the Eastern style, more intuition, and 觀. I do not think that I can answer you with a word or few sentences to define what is tathata, or ...


I think things can be perceptible without consciousness, and that visibility is in some sense indivisible, so is perceived the same even when the visible thing is broken up. In the oldest texts mn43, it says that what one perceives that one also feels & cognizes. That which is spoken of as perception can be explained as something cognized by that which ...


Suchness means there is no construing. Kalaka Sutta may be useful to know the meaning of "such": http://www.accesstoinsight.org/tipitaka/an/an04/an04.024.than.html

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