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How to experience Anatta

Update 2022. You don't experience Anatta. You just don't experience the illusion of self anymore. Original answer: I remember back in ~2001 I was very serious about this topic -- trying to experience ...
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Where can one find guidance from a teacher next year in 2018?

The oral study system, mukkhapatha, still going on at pa-auk monastery. By this study system, you can practice every meditation step by step. The teacher will teach you just a bit per meeting for ...
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Why did Buddha continue jhāna after enlightenment?

All states of consciousness are impermanent, i.e. they arise , change and vanish. It is possible to come out of cessation of feelings and perceptions and re-enter it through meditation. Buddha ...
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Am I falling asleep or am I deepening my concentration?

Ah, the bliss plateau. Good that you caught this now. Some practicioners never get past it, the quietitude is too enticing for them to push past. In Zen, we call this "dead sitting" and it ...
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How to experience Anatta

If by "experiencing anatta", you mean overcoming self-view or identity-view (sakkaya ditthi), then you do not need a very deep meditation experience, from my understanding. On the other hand,...
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How to experience Anatta

Thought I'dd add on to your question. There is no "how" in terms of a process that can be solely led by consciousness, meaning you have to cultivate your mind through the eightfold practice, ...
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How to experience Anatta

Anatta can be seen even by the average Joe. Ex: when there's headache or any kind of bodily pain, why it is not going away at will? When you taste something, why the taste disappear after eating? Why ...
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