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Are mosquito nets "cheating"?

What is the purpose of meditation. Quoting from What is the meditation and what is its purpose? Meditation is when the mind comes back home. When the mind comes back home it can sit by the fire and ...
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What's the ordering of 6 realms of rebirth?

I suspect that both the ones you quoted are correct -- the thing is that, you're assuming that "titan" and "demi-god" are the same, but I don't think they are -- according to this ...
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Are mosquito nets "cheating"?

There would be a massive waste of time struggling uselessly. Once you have perfect single-pointedness, nothing can impinge on you. Prior to that, there are endless ways to delay or outright obstruct ...
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Realms : About a certain Deva's concubine's rebirth?

Your question is: is it scientifically and metaphysically true that there are different time scales for the devas, humans and other beings? If so, my answer is yes. Metaphysically, there are ...
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In Pure Land Buddhism, what realm do the pure lands belong to? Are they outside of the usual six realms?

There are so many confusion regarding Pure Land Buddhism. Many people even see it as non Buddhist because it seems to be about the Amitabha Buddha saving humans through the power of his grace. I am ...
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