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The Third Precept and Prostitution

Third precept about sexual misconduct, which explicitly mentions adultery. because other partners do not like it. Men should not go to women who are protected by their guardians (parents or relatives,...
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Sexual visualizations during retreats

Vipassana is a result of maintaining the Noble Eightfold Path. MN 149 says: Any view belonging to one who has come to be like this is his right view. Any resolve, his right resolve. Any effort, his ...
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Sexual visualizations during retreats

We are creatures of habits whether in our actions, speech or thoughts. Try to pick up the habit of dropping instead. Engaging in day-dreams, fantasies or just letting the mind rampage in all kinds of ...
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Masturbation: Does it break the 3rd precept?

The Third Precept The third precept entails that individual should refrain from engaging in sexual relationships with those who are married, engaged, imprisoned, protected, or practicing celibacy. In ...
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