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What, exactly, is the notion of cause and effect at work in a causal series that includes the citta-santāna?

I think that citta-santana (saṃtāna) is just like you think, dependent origination. If this functions as a placeholder for the self, then I don't understand that, since what is the point when there ...
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Buddhism and modern science

Well the entire concept of ego (id and then super ego) is quite literally a made up pseudo-science created by sigmund freud.. Evolution being a completely made up idea (theory) by darwin that has ...
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Buddhism and modern science

Equivalents to the word "reincarnation" are not found in the Buddha's Teachings. The common misnomer non-literal translation of "rebirth" refers to various outcomes commensurate to/...
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Buddhism and modern science

Buddhism say little or nothing about evolution -- i.e. "evolution of the species" -- there's maybe one sutta like that, and that one seems like it might have been meant as a joke or parody ...
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