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Since it is impossible for an unenlightened being to know the quality of another’s mind (that being a siddhi that comes only with enlightenment) there is no way to judge the quality or character of someone else’s practice. However, we can see the character of an individual in their way of being towards others, which may call into question the true extent of ...


Noble Eightfold Path is further summarised into three main categories namely Sila, Samadhi, and Panna. Noble Eightfold Path should be practiced as a whole. You can't practice only a selected limb and called it "Noble" Hence all three Sila, Samadhi and Panna should be practiced together in NEP.


One example comes from the Khemaka Sutta: That is what Ven. Khemaka said. Gratified, the elder monks delighted in his words. And while this explanation was being given, the minds of sixty-some monks, through no clinging, were fully released from fermentations — as was Ven. Khemaka's. Before he taught them, Ven. Khemaka was not an arahant. But after he ...

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