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Work on testing the credibility of these assumptions: soul, I, me ,mine, "I am happy" etc. Practice Satipatthana meditation to get the answers you are looking for,


I dream of a world where the purpose of life is to help others. Reduce suffering and conflicts, nurture harmony and peace. In my dream, success is defined in terms of how much you helped others, especially by doing what you love. This way you are happy because you're doing what you love doing - and you are also helping others. In my dream, this is a life ...


I don't know but perhaps I read that later schools (i.e. early schools but later than the Pali suttas) developed the doctrine of "store-house consciousness" -- ālāyavijñāna in Sanskrit -- as an answer to this question (i.e. to explain the phenomenon): ... and finally the fundamental store-house consciousness (ālāyavijñāna), which is the basis of the other ...


Questions of King Milinda say, "it is nama-rupa that is reborn". When the King asks whether it is the same nama-rupa, Nagasena says, it is not the same, but this nama-rupa arises in causal continuity with the previous nama-rupa, and thus we talk about "rebirth". Questions of King Milinda also compare rebirth to a memorized verse passing from one person to ...


How is information transferred from the last moment before death to the newborn? Does that information waits until the formation of the brain? Is it stored in the DNA? I haven't seen anything explicitly mentioned in the Suttas, but there's the Abhidhamma's concept of rebirth-linking consciousness/patisandhiCitta which might have something to do with it. ...


According to Buddhist teaching, Kamma is the field (hence Kamma itself is the medium) and the citta is the seed. As per Malinda Phanna, thre is no time delay between Citta.

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