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I was reading parts of the dharmika subhitu the other day, on rebirth / karma. Cheating and deception -- coupled with causing mental and physical anguish -- is the action of a hell being of the raurava hell. i..e you will be reborn there. Whereas guile deception and quarrelling the asura realm. So, naturally, it depends on result. Moreover, any bodhisattva ...


Generally speaking a health professional such as a psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist can not let his or or her buddhisms come into play in their practice. They can not be expected deviate much from what they are taught in school because that is a quick way to lose the license.


For the United States there is a great resource: For the UK: After filtering for location it's possible to add many other filters, for example for types of therapy (CBT, ACT, MBSR, etc) It's also possible to change the country in the upper right of ...

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