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How to do insight meditation as pain for the meditation object?

I'm soon getting my wisdom teeth removed. Like always, I don't plan on using any anesthesia for the procedure - the pain is probably going to be excruciating, like always. So how can I use it as a ...
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What will be Buddha's reaction to the shooter on getting shot an arrow at his heart?

If someone shot an arrow at Buddha's heart, Bhudda will focus on the pain caused by the arrow. What will be Buddha's views on the shooter? If it was unintentional, forgiving the shooter is understood. ...
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Where does the Buddha talk about investigation of energy (offering him some relief while in physical pain)?

If remembering correctly I once heard a Dhamma talk about the Buddha finding solace in/with the investigation of energy while (at least once) experiencing physical pain. What's the sutta reference(s) ...
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What does Buddhism say about Antinatalism? [duplicate]

Antinatalism is the view that it is ethically wrong to procreate any sort of sentient beings, be it human or otherwise because to exist means also to experience pain, pleasure, suffering, bodily ...
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How to continue practice with pain?

I practiced meditation for 6 months continuously. I used to meditate 45 mins in the morning as well as evening. In weekends, I used to meditate many rounds with breaks in between. I developed fear of ...
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Sentience, killing, & extremes?

The Buddha always said killing, no matter the circumstance, is always unskillful & leads to negative Rebirths. In no recorded instance did he approve of killing any living being at all. When ...
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4 answers

Advice for Buddhist meditation for OCD

So first I'd like to say I have permission from a therapist to ask this question, so this is not "asking for medical advice". So I have OCD. It affects me all the time, I feel this constant stress, ...
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Meditation causing headaches

In the last couple of months, I have experienced a chronic headache in my forehead and after checking with doctors etc nothing could be found. I then kind of had the intuition it could be related to ...
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Avoiding neck pain

I am meditating now regularly for last 4 months. I always sit in a cross legged position with my head slightly bent down. I started developing a neck pain for last 10 days and it distubs me a lot. I ...
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In what situations can letting go of attachments be painful?

From what I understand of the Buddhist path, letting go of attachments shouldn't be painful. Are there times when letting go will be painful and if there is, why are those times different than the ...
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Which Buddhists denominations agree with the difference between pain and suffering as in many DBT texts? Which disagree?

'Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.' I'm not sure I like the adjective 'optional' because I think it's insensitive to tell someone who's been injured that their suffering is some switch to ...
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8 answers

How can I forget my old girlfriend?

Hello to all of you and thank you for your time in answering the questions here. I have a big problem with my feelings. I have a huge emotional lack, which means I've never moved on with my old ...
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3 answers

Buddha dealing with pain

If enlightened beings aren't bothered by pain, why did occasions happen where Buddha was unable to give a lecture because the pain was so severe or when he had to meditate to lessen the pain he was ...
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6 votes
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Meditation technique to reduce/control pain/sorrow/loss

So I have been doing different meditation techniques to control/reduce different poisons(Klesha) of mind. Such as I do Asuaba(Perception of Unattractiveness) for Lust Perception of Loving Kindness (...
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Did Siddartha have a back problem?

in Week 3 Mindfulness of Emotions an online course at: Gil Fronsdal says "... the Buddha ...
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What are the attitudes of the schools to the experience of physical pain during sitting meditation?

Both the Theravada and the Zen traditions appear to regard pain, even extreme physical pain, as a necessary part of sitting, whereas Ngakpa Chogyam in Journey into Vastness, speaking for the Dzogchen ...
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2 answers

The healing Bodhi tree for Shakyamuni Buddhas long term sitting?

Recently I heard from a group of commentators that the Bodhi tree, a tree species which Buddha choose to attain enlightenment under, was actually known to have medicinal properties. Has anyone ever ...
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How to understand a patient's coma status in Buddhism

My friend was healthy and normal. There was a sudden bleeding in her brain due to an AVM and went through a serious brain surgery. Now around 3 weeks she is in a coma status. How can I understand this ...
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Is physical pain only 'remembered' or 'anticipated' so actually there is no pain? If so, how to understand?

I don't know whether this is an Buddhist point of view, but it comes from Byron Katie. She says that there is no real pain because it is only remembered or anticipated. But I don't understand that. So ...
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How to deal with body pain during meditation?

I am doing vipassana meditation as taught by Goenka. I get numbness and tingling in my feet from nerve pressure while sitting cross legged. I put up with it for quite a long time and then the ...
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Can we be sensously aware without consciousness?

I wondered (after this thread) what Buddhists have said about this question. Can anyone, monks, Buddhas, ordinary people, be aware of a sensation without consciousness of it? And moreover to link it ...
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Experiencing physical pain

What advice (or techniques e.g. of meditation) does Buddhism (of any tradition) have for people who experience physical pain (caused by an illness and treated by a doctor)? Or for the people (friends, ...
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