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Please Recommend Pure Land / Other Power Buddhism Books

I'm not sure if you would like some academic literature but here goes: T’an-luan’s Theory of Two Kinds of Dharma-body as Found in Shinran’s Wago Writings has a detailed description and great diagrams ...
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Do you need to be taught the nembutsu? Are some personalities better suited to it?

Nembutsu - repeating a name of a Buddha - is a practice which might help us to let go of worries, abandon self-centeredness, develop exalted qualities, and develop concentration. If you understand ...
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How should one say the nembutsu: "as if your life depended on it"?

Doing anything as if your life depended on it is just a matter of how seriously you take it at that moment, and death is about as serious as it gets. The more important something is to you, the more ...
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