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Thailand or Srilanka right now are the best places to do so, where they most adhere to the vinaya. In Thailand, there are still great masters available that can develop your practice. The biggest and most powerful movement is at dhamma.com/en. You wont be able to ordain at Master Pramote's temple but you could not far and go to see him regularly.


Q >>>What are the drawbacks if I just leave everything and walk away? ANSWER>>> None, if you can walk away and enter into priesthood that shows you have very little attractions towards family. There exist families without father, without mother, family without both parents, they just continue to live.don't die don't vanish.. If your purpose here us solely ...


Family life has all the challenges one has to overcome in order to become monk. Advisable to look at so called "pull" to monkhood ..and see what exactly you are trying to achieve. If it is to escape the burden of family life . Then monkhood will not be fruitful One need to learn to live unaffected while attending to all the needs of family life . How......


See, this is the sort of question that can lead to undesirable answers.... some of which are clearly demonstrated in these comments. If your answer is premised on defending "Buddhist countries" from Christian or Islamic influence, that is a textbook example of begging the question. Do Buddhist countries exist? Should they? Are you willing to be ...

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