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How did Maitreya become so large and rich?

In Buddhism, the Buddhist statues are essentially the artful and symbolic expressions of the Buddha teachings, with the objective to educate us the meanings and teachings of Buddhism. Therefore, we ...
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Is there mention of Maitreya Buddha in Pali Canon?

How did this idea of next Buddha formed? Is it the influence of other religion where they say Kalki or Christ will return. No need for outside influence, just simple logic. It doesn't make any sense ...
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How did Maitreya become so large and rich?

I think the image on the Chinese Wikipedia page is captioned "laughing Buddha" which (e.g. according to the English Wikipedia) is a nickname for Budai/Hotei: He is almost always shown ...
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How do Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhists make sense of Maitreya's prophecy?

I think your question embedded two questions and should be dealt separately to give clear answer: a) How do Mahayana Buddhists make sense of prophecy of Maitreya? b) How do Vajrayana Buddhists make ...
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When will Maitreya Buddha come according to the Manimekalai?

Let's bear in mind that according to the sources referenced in the Wikipedia page Manimekalai, this book was written either before the 5th century CE, in the 6th century CE or latest 950 CE according ...
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Did Buddha comment on existence of other contemporary buddhas?

were there other people or beings that had achieved that and were contemporary to buddha Cessation: yes, many; the first Council was composed of 500 Arahants, for example. Perfect Buddhahood? No. ...
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Is there mention of Maitreya Buddha in Pali Canon?

There is an arahant called metteyya and for the buddha it is Dn26 Generally speaking people love backgrounds ...
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Does any school seriously believe Maitreya might appear in my lifetime

I don't think so, how can anyone believe that Maitreya would appear in this lifetime? The main sign of Maitreya's arrival is the life span being around 80,000 years. During The Buddha's time He said: ...
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Were all of the historical Buddhas born on today's planet earth?

In Digha Nikáya Sutta 14 Mahapadana Sutta & DN 32 The Āṭānāṭiya Discourse, the Supreme Buddha stated that six Supreme Buddhas appeared over 91 world-cycles. The seven Buddhas, including "our" ...
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