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Why does Mahasi Method have the points on the Body to attend to?

Any type of meditation that is worth the name will increase concentration in a beginner. The body is a good first object of vipassana meditation because it is inescapable and we identify with it so ...
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Mahasi Sayadaw Noting Method (mostly as taught by Yuttadhammo Bhikku): Help with mindfulness during daily activities?

I'm not familiar with Yuttadhammo Bhikku, but from a short look at his teaching I believe the key is that one should not be noting things; one should be noting mind movements. For instance, looking at ...
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Is there a objective book on how vipassana of U. Mahasi and S.N. Goenka works?

Since most books are subjective, I doubt there can be found an objective book on how vipassana of U. Mahasi and S.N. Goenka works. These methods are merely constructed out of theories. For example, ...
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Conscious Attention for Inner transformation during daily activities

Mindfulness should be from awakening to falling asleep, i.e., throughout the day. Formal practice time is just a booster and practice to keep your mindfulness thought out the day.
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Reference to Questions of King Milinda in Progress of Insight, Chapter 12

Venerable Pesala's translation is greatly abridged. We read it recently in our study group and while it's quite good, he leaves out a lot of interesting passages. I recommend if you have time to read ...
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When practicing Mahasi-style meditation, should we label rising and falling, or just distractions? The instructions seem contradictory

They are not contradictory because they are two different methods of achieving the same result, Samatha. One tells you to label certain things, one tells you not to. Pick one and follow through. How ...
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North American: Where Can I Ordain Under The Tradition of Mahasi Sayadaw?

Good householder, Sadhu, at first, for general desire in going forth. Good to let go of consumer-behaviour at first place and approach ordination like a backpacker a new journey idea, or a worker his ...
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cycling through the 16 nanas all day?

1 - Namarupa Pariccheda Gnāna If we are to take “nama-rupa-pariccheda-ñana” to mean, “rupa” are according “nama” - one’s body is according to one’s thinking, then it means that our habits help form ...
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Doubting the quick attainments of the Mahasi Tradition

I have not known all that many practitioners of The Mahasi method, but I know it is very popular. The criteria for sotopanna are self-evaluated. The only criteria which the Buddha always includes in ...
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Doubting the quick attainments of the Mahasi Tradition

To help get an understanding into who, what, where, when and why about Mahasi Sayadaw, I started to read “Practical Vipassana Meditation Exercises, by Mahasi Sayadaw: Part 1, Basic Practice. It was ...
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Mindfulness when “reading” : Ven . Mahasi Sayadaw tradition

Here, you just have to be mindful of reading since you are reading mindfully. That is not to get distracted as much as possible while reading. In reality, our mind is so swift that even in one second, ...
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