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Any manuals on the development of "sympathetic joy" and or "gladness" apart from Visuddhimagga?

There're quite a lot of essays on the Brahmavihara written by Vens. Thanissaro, Buddharakkhita, Siriwardhana, Nanamoli, etc. and of course in the Nikaya suttas themselves. See various links here and ...
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To reach 1st jhana, do we have to let go, or do we have to put some effort?

"There is the case where a monk — quite withdrawn from sensuality, withdrawn from unskillful qualities — enters and remains in the first jhana: rapture and pleasure born from withdrawal, ...
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Please explain joy and/or the Kimatthiyasutta

The word for joy in AN 1.11 is "pamojja": Pāmojja (p. 454) Pāmojja Pāmojja=pāmujja Pāmujja (p. 453) Pāmujja Pāmujja (nt.) [grd. form. tr. pa+mud, see similar forms under pāmokkha] delight, ...
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