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If it is connected with delusion then it will more or less be detrimental and these thoughts should be obliterated. The Blessed One said, "Monks, before my self-awakening, when I was still just an unawakened Bodhisatta, the thought occurred to me: 'Why don't I keep dividing my thinking into two sorts?' So I made thinking imbued with sensuality, ...


Starting from having thoughts imbued with the three poisons, one would have intentions and intentions lead to kamma by way of actions, speech and thoughts. All mental phenomena have mind as their forerunner; they have mind as their chief; they are mind-made. If one speaks or acts with an evil mind, 'dukkha' follows him just as the wheel follows the ...


You want to go to X country for your next vacation, then you might lie to your boss because you want to stay longer vacation. But lie is impossible for the noble one. In Abhi.Patthana, the great explanation of the dependent origination, there are "PakatUpanissayaPaccaya- strong birthplace for daily, habitually performed or accumulated realities". ...


creates karma and samsaric existence ie. the truth of suffering but not necessarily bad karma

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