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Is Right Concentration equivalent to the Four Jhanas?

In the Pali Canon, the Buddha describes three doors to Nibbana: appanihita (desireless, aimless, undirected, nonintentional), animitta (signless) and sunnata (emptiness). Elsewhere in Pali Canon we ...
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Why am I more alone and less tolerant of people now?

I find it helpful to remember that metta doesn't mean love or loving kindness, it means goodwill - being concerned about others' true welfare. As the Buddha often points out, when people are acting ...
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Is mindfulness of feeling the middle way?

I think pleasant/unpleasant/neutral feelings represents the entire range of experiences (both physical and emotional) if not all. As explained by Ven. Thanissaro, mindfulness of pleasant/unpleasant/...
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Is mindfulness of feeling the middle way?

IMHO the main/original meaning of "middle way" comes from the opening of the "first" sutta i.e. SN 56.11 Mendicants, these two extremes should not be cultivated by one who has ...
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